Due to maintenance this website is unreachable

When you come here for honest reasons,
please come back soon


when you came here because of filthy
allegations on internet about me,
too bad!

my hands and conscience are clean


behind this is the dirty Indian criminal Rajnish Agarwal

acting as an enlightened person behind names as
ozenrajneesh - ozencocom - oshorajneesh

suggesting he is the reincarnated osho!

in fact he is a psychopath
his teachings are stolen words and grab

this guy has carefully prepared filthy stories
about me and others to harm us as former friends
we know to much about his criminal actions and his
hiding in Mexico to trap 'spiritual' searchers
to damage theire integrity and steal their money

everything is planned and worked out by him

look into his eyes and you will feel his dirty evil mind
when you can't  . . . you are as stupid as me back in 2008

if you want to know real FACTS,


some of his former friends telling there stories
they safe already over 25.000 'enlightenment searchers'

his business totters

you search for the devil? go to this guy